You Do Not Want Your Picture Taken By the Camera in Polaroid

Oh, this isn’t good. Image: YouTube
Oh, this isn’t good. Image: YouTube
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It’s often said that some cultures believe taking someone’s picture steals a piece of their soul. That seems like getting off easy compared to what happens in Polaroid.


Polaroid, a new horror film directed by Lars Klevberg, is basically about a camera that kills you. Once it takes your photo, a shadow shows up and that’s all she wrote. Or, something like that. Check out the trailer.

Yes, that was Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch (aka Cheryl Blossom) at the beginning, though it feels like she may have the Drew-Barrymore-in-Scream role this time around. The rest of the very attractive young cast are relative unknowns.

Honestly, the trailer didn’t really grab me until the very end when the girl gets, well, grabbed. Whatever is on the other end of those hands is something I want to see. That tantalizing image, along with the August release date, provide a glimmer of hope that maybe Polaroid will be a late-summer horror hit.

The film opens August 25.

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Say Cheese and Die anyone? You license this from RL Stein or is it just a blatant rip off?