Granted, you'd have to drop it on them from a third floor window or something. But still, if this 22,000-piece, 7-foot-long masterpiece fell on someone's head, they would die. But they could die knowing they were murdered by one of the greatest fan-made Lego sets in existence.

It was built by ysomt for Lego Ideas (née Lego Cuusoo), meaning if it gets the 10,000 requisite votes, the Lego muckety-mucks have to consider releasing it. Given that people are estimating it would cost upwards of $1,000 to buy, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess this bad boy won't be making it to toy store shelves anytime soon. But if it does well enough, we might see a smaller, somewhat more reasonable version (and one less likely to be used to bludgeon someone to death).

Either way, let's marvel at ysomt's magnificent accomplishment. There are countless more pics on the Helicarrier's Lego Ideas page, where you can also vote for it to be made. Just sayin'.


[Via /Film]