You Can't Hide From The Mafia In The Past

Warner Brothers has bought the rights to time-jumping organized crime comic Hiding In Time. In the future, the Witness Protection Program hides its precious narcs and rats in the past, where the hoods can never find them. But when a group of assassins gets its hands on the locations and dates of these highly prized kills, government scientist Nathan Crew has to travel back in time for a wacky chase through great historical moments. Click through for more details.

If you've ever wondered about bringing a high powered weapon back in time, and the damage that could ensue, this is the story for you. It's still to early to talk casting, but Nathan Crew sounds ripe for Nathan Fillion to step into his time-traveling boots, if you ask me. They're both strong and constantly put in ridiculous situations. Max Payne writer Beau Thorne will adapt the comic, written by Christopher E. Long, and Dan Lin is producing. [The Hollywood Reporter]


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