You can't do simple maths under pressure

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HOLY CRAP THIS MATHS QUIZ IS STRESSFUL. Seriously, probably the worst thing to attempt on a Monday morning. But we're sharing it with you, anyway, because you deserve to know about this. Also, it's pretty fun.


"You can't do simple math under pressure" is a quiz with a simple premise: solve easy math problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, basic albegra, etc.) under a time limit. The more problems you solve, the more restrictive the time limit becomes. There are, blessedly, levels, so when you inevitably choke you don't have to start at the beginning. But this only makes the whole experience only marginally less stressful. The music doesn't help. Fortunately, the ego-affirming payoff is more than worth the effort:


(For those wondering, that appears to be Paul Erdős and Carol Vorderman dancing their way across the victory screen. The former is a mathematician, known for his eccentric, hyperactive personality, 19-hour work days, and amphetamine-use. The latter is the one-time host of the British gameshow Countdown. Both appropriate, if you ask us, given the nature of the quiz.)

H/t to Joe Hanson, who points out that the quiz corroborates research that finds even smart people tend to crumble under pressure.

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Math, no "s." What, is it gonna be "drink" driving next?