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You Cannot Unsee This Mock-Up of Mad Men's Jon Hamm as Deadpool's X-Buddy Cable

Illustration for article titled You Cannot Unsee This Mock-Up of iMad Men/is Jon Hamm as Deadpools X-Buddy Cable

How much does Cable creator Robert Liefeld want Jon Hamm to play the time-traveling, gun-toting pouch enthusiast? So much so that when Hamm won his Golden Globe last night, Liefeld tweeted this photoshop of Hamm as the prodigal son of Jean Grey and Cyclops:


It’s burned into my retinas. Not because it’s bad, mind you, but because it looks strangely good—so good that now I’m wondering if Hamm would actually be interested in pairing up with Ryan Reynolds for the inevitable Deadpool 2. I understand it’s insane to believe a quality photoshop would have any actual bearing on Hamm’s interest in playing a superhero, but until a few minutes ago I also believed that no one would ever convince me that Jon Hamm would make a weirdly comics-accurate Cable, either.

[Gamma Squad]

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Damn it, Bricken. It’s an amazing piece of work, but you know the rules: Do Not Encourage Liefeld.

(Tangentially related: I’m introducing a friend to comic books right now. He’s smitten with Deadpool. Paging through the “classic” Deadpool trade was a fun exercise in explaining ‘90s-era comics + Liefeld’s art style.)