The most famous astronaut after Apollo is going mad(ly awesome)

Behold the stellar Chris Hadfield—the Canadian astronaut who became a space celebrity for his fun educational videos in the International Space Station—characterized as a pornstached Ziggy Stardust. Kids, may you be half as awesome as Chris when you grow up.

You cannot handle Chris Hadfield as David Bowie

Earlier this year, astronaut Chris Hadfield blew our minds with the most epic cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity," ever performed. Now, he's gone and done himself up Bowie-style for the cover of Maclean's, and it is the definition of perfection.

Via Maclean's:

Taking inspiration from Hadfield’s world-uniting rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, photographer Christopher Wahl asked the astronaut to replicate Bowie’s famed image from the cover of his Aladdin Sane album.

“He went full-bore with it. I explained we needed bare shoulders as opposed to the collared shirt he was wearing, so he happily took it off,” says Wahl, who ensured the lighting during the shoot also matched Bowie’s album perfectly. “He was fully participating—it was awesome. I was on a portrait high for a day and a half afterward.”


Even in retirement, Hadfield manages to be one of the most relatable, engaging, and just flat-out likable astronauts in recent memory. Hats off to you, Commander Stardust!