You Can Watch the Second Episode of Westworld Right Now

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That is, if you’ve got access to HBO Now, HBO Go, or HBO On Demand. Surprise!

Ahead of the show’s New York Comic-Con panel this Saturday, HBO has stealthily released the second episode of the highly-anticipated show a few days early. It’s likely the move is also due to the fact this Sunday sees the second U.S. Presidential Election debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, meaning HBO want to avoid having the fledgling series’ solid ratings get hammered to much by coverage of the debates.


But no matter the reason, it’s a welcome surprise for fans to get the next episode a few days ahead of schedule. Considering we loved the premiere, we can’t wait to see what’s next. And remember—if you want to watch the episode now and discuss the episode in the comments below, mark your discussions with spoiler warnings for those who can’t watch it yet!


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Bill McNeal

Does anyone know if they’re planning to do more than one season? I would love it, but from the “this season” preview it looks like things go bad pretty fast.

Also, and maybe I misheard, but did the characters say something about “an incident” taking place ten years ago? Did they make any allusions to this being a follow up to the movie?