You Can Watch the Prologue for Tenet Right Now

The Tenet boys. I’m sure that’s what they’re called.
The Tenet boys. I’m sure that’s what they’re called.
Image: Warner Bros.

Christopher Nolan has, uhh, he’s made some mistakes. Is the actual construction of Tenet one of them? Pretty soon we’re all going to get a chance to find out.


If you’re not sure if you want to watch the full thing or not, one quick way to find out might be the watch the film’s prologue, which is available in full on the Warner Bros. Entertainment YouTube channel. It’s only seven minutes long, to boot, making it a nice, bite-sized serving of Tenet for the curious and unconvinced.

Tenet, a sci-fi spy thriller that plays with time, stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, and Elizabeth Debicki. It became the center of a controversy this year when Nolan pushed for a theatrical release despite the coronavirus pandemic, and is now finally headed to streaming and physical release.

If you’re wanting to watch the full thing, you can do so on December 15th, on Blu-Ray and streaming platforms.

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The opening of the film is literally the best part of it. The acting is quite solid (especially Elizabeth Debicki who is wonderful) but the film is paced atrociously, it is somehow simultaneously confusing but painfully obvious in its direction and twists, and quite frankly it’s boring... I kept checking my watch wondering when it would just wrap up.

If you told me going into 2020 I would only see four films in thetheatre and the two North American productions that I would see are New Mutants and Tenet and New Mutants would be the more enjoyable experience, I’d have laughed. Yet here we are.