You Can Watch One of the Best Moments From Moana Right Now

Moana is incredible—and packed with some truly brilliant moments and amazing visuals. But one of the funnest moments of the film is the moment Moana meets demi-god Maui, as he breaks into a boastful song called “You’re Welcome.” Now the studio has released the full scene from the film to watch online.


The song itself—sung by Dwayne Johnson—is a solid toe-tapper, but what makes this one of the highlights of Moana is the completely stunning visuals. Check it out:

Whether it’s the actual animation of “Mini-Maui”, the tattooed version of the god that dances its way across Maui’s own body (which was actually traditionally animated in 2D before being transposed onto Maui’s 3D model), or the climax of the song, which takes the 3D/CGI Moana and Maui into an environment filled with hand-drawn, 2D elements they actually interact with. It’s just one of the many gorgeous moments from the movie—which is easily one of the best-looking movies of the year.

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Two of the things I loved about the film:
1) Maui is a straight-up dick. First thing he does is abandon a young woman on a deserted island, then he tries to toss her overboard in the middle of the ocean.
2) Aside from Maui’s “Han Solo in the Millenium Falcon” intervention in the film’s climax, it really is Moana pretty much saving the day herself at every turn (up to and including solving the mystery of Te Ka, thereby, y’know, saving everyone).