You Can Watch 8 Minutes Of That Cheesy Mr. Robot Horror Film Online

 Image: Michael Parmelee/USA Network
Image: Michael Parmelee/USA Network

The previous episode of Mr. Robot finally gave us an origin story for the F Society, specifically where the group got its weird, Monopoly Man-inspired mask that has become its symbol—it comes from a fake 1980s horror film that you can watch online.

Darlene and Elliot apparently have a shared love of a particularly shitty and fake 1980s horror film called Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie. As spotted by Entertainment Weekly, the video is supposedly the first eight-and-a-half minutes of the fake movie and comes complete with a retro logo, Friday the 13th knockoff music, and point-of-view shots that tell you that somebody is hiding in the bushes.

The movie-within-a-TV show was written and directed by Adam Penn, one of the show’s writers and producers.


You can watch it online here, but we must warn you, in the spirit of the films that have come before it, it’s NSFW in terms of gore and language.


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Just caught up with this episode. Thought the bad 80s horror film was a nice touch. Also weird how that green day song made for a fitting lullaby. It took me a second to recognize it.