You Can Visit Laura Palmer's House From Twin Peaks, But Only If You Keep It Cool

Still: Showtime
Still: Showtime

The recent buyer of Laura Palmer’s real house from Twin Peaks not only played the homeowner of the fictional house in The Return, but is also letting show fans stop by for visit.


In an interview with Vulture, homeowner Mary Reber shared that fans have been seeking her out for tours of her Everett, Washington home, which has long served as the Palmer home in Twin Peaks and its revival series, Twin Peaks: The Return. What’s better, she’s happy to oblige! The previous owner was not a fan of people stopping by to check out the place, going so far as to change the paint color to discourage visitors. But Reber said her doors are open for fans, so long as they’re nice about it.

There’s been a lot of people coming through. Some people call and make an appointment to come in and see the house, and we’re happy to do so. We’ve met some great people from abroad. Obviously we don’t let everybody come through, but there’s been a lot of visitors since the finale in particular...We’re happy to do so, because the lady who lived here beforehand didn’t let people see the house. So we’re getting people who watched the show when it originally aired and had been waiting to see the house. That’s really fun for us.


Reber knew the house was used for Twin Peaks when she bought it three years ago, but said that wasn’t why she moved in. Still, she’s seen the show and understands why it has such a dedicated fanbase. And now, she’s part of it too. Showrunner David Lynch had Reber play new homeowner Alice Tremond in the last scene of the season finale, even though she didn’t have any acting experience. And when asked why Lynch brought her onboard, Reber’s answer basically encapsulated everything that the world could say about David Lynch.

“I have absolutely no clue, and if you ask him that type of question, which we did, he said: ‘That’s something you just don’t need to know.’”

[Vulture via Indiewire]

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Executor Elassus

OK, I have to ask a couple questions:

1) how the fuck did more people not watch this season? It was amazingly good. I mean, there were definitely a couple rough patches, but it was incredibly audacious television.

2) [SPOILER]: in that last scene, Cooper asks Tremond from whom they bought the house, and they said someone named “Chalfont” (sp?). Here’s the thing: isn’t that the name of the old lady with her grandson who’s studying magic who was living across the way from Harold Smith the shut-in?

ETA: OH SHIT: this wiki lists “Tremond” as an aka for Mrs. Chalfont, the old lady! And then she was replaced by a different Mrs. Tremond. I knew there was something odd about that name.

…and now I’m going to be unable to get to sleep, instead staring dejectedly at the wall trying to figure out wtf it all means, again.