You Can Play This Bilingual Star Trek Monopoly Game in Either English or Klingon

Your friends laughed at you, your parents wondered why you weren’t getting a job, and even your fellow Trekkies raised an eyebrow. But all those nights you spent learning tlhIngan Hol, the Klingon language, will finally pay off when you sit down to play Star Trek Klingon Monopoly.


There’s already a few iterations of Star Trek Monopoly available, but ThinkGeek’s got the only one that comes with tiny token versions of a Klingon Bird of Prey, and a Bat’leth. Penguins? Rubber ducks? Those are not the game tokens of a warrior.

The game has players trying to conquer planets and territories, building outposts and capital cities to force other players into eventual bankruptcy. It sounds more like a Ferengi version of Monopoly, except that the game board and all of the Combat and Honor cards (a.k.a. Chance and Community Chest) are printed in both English and tlhIngan Hol. Given how cut-throat and enraging most regular games of
Monopoly usually are, it’s kind of nice there’s finally an edition that finally admits it.



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