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You Can Now Watch the Original Stargate Movie for Free

Image: MGM
Image: MGM

Back in 1994, few could have predicted what Stargate would become. The original film was a hit but what happened after is damn near unprecedented. Not a theatrical sequel, no, but several popular television series and a rabid fandom that far overshadowed the people who saw the original movie in theaters.


But it did start with that original movie, directed by Roland Emmerich, starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. And though it’s been available in multiple formats since its initial release, this week MGM put the full film on YouTube for free.

The film was posted to make people aware a new web series, Stargate Origins, is now online, only adding to the robust franchise. You can find out more about that, and the rest of the shows, on the new official home of Stargate, Stargate Command.



Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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This movie is fucking rad and I will fight people who say it’s not.

Sure, it’s hokey and the premise is silly, but so is a man flying around in a metal suit at super sonic speed.

Plus, Kurt Fucking Russell.