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You Can Now Watch Doom Patrol's First Episode on YouTube for Free

The Doom Patrol receiving an important message.
Image: DC Universe

While Doom Patrol is one of the better live-action comic book adaptations out recently, one of the biggest hurdles to getting into the show is the fact that you can only watch it on DC Universe. But if you’ve been waiting for a chance to check Doom Patrol out before deciding to go all-in on yet another streaming service, then today’s your lucky day.


While the zany, madcap-ness of Doom Patrol’s pilot is a delight all on its own, what’s really impressive about it is how densely packed it is with clever, interesting character development—all the while never feeling as if it’s getting too bogged down in world building. It pulls you right into its world of weirdos and promptly gets to the business of having some good, old-fashioned fun. Check it out for yourself.

Coincidentally, the season’s penultimate episode is streaming now, you know...on DC Universe.


[Editor’s Note: This show is great, you should definitely watch it!! -Jill P.]

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Next week, when the season finale goes up, sign up for DC Universe and binge-watch this show. Then just cancel your subscription.

It’s good.

It’s really good.