I’ve spend more time and money than I’m comfortable revealing on digital trading cards. Yes, cards that are just jpegs on my phone. We’ve explained the obsession in the past but, it’s a rising trend among collectors and now the card company Topps is tackling a new franchise: The Walking Dead.

Today, they launched The Walking Dead Card Trader for ioS and Android. It’s a first for the company, not only because it’s a TV show, but because it’s launching a card line digitally instead of physically. For most of their other apps, like Star Wars and the sports-based ones, the cards existed in the real world first. These Walking Dead cards will exist digitally before their physical release this fall, around the time the next season premieres.


Here are the links to download on both platforms (ioS and Android) and if you are completely dumbfounded as to why anyone would care about digital trading cards, may I direct you to this. Beware: it’s very, very addictive.

Here are a few more examples of Walking Dead trading cards.