You can now search WolframAlpha for your favorite Pokémon characters

Need to know which Pokémon character has the highest special attack? Or speed greater than 80? And can you name all the members of Team Rocket? Thanks to the developers at WolframAlpha, you can now search their knowledge engine to get the answers.

This is so great; these two were absolutely meant for each other. WolframAlpha is renowned as a computable knowledge engine, while Pokémon are ideal subjects given their well defined characteristics. In fact, Pokémon comes complete with their own unique identifiers from the game's internal database, the Pokédex.


The new data, which describes some 649 characters (not including those introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, the new Nintendo 3DS console games — but they'll be added soon), includes information like Japanese name, Pokédex number, type, Pokédex color, generation, icon, and even footprint. It also includes physical characteristics (like height and weight) and statistics (like hit points and attack).

Take a look at Pikachu's entry:


And in regards to special attacks and speed greater than 80:


Interestingly, the additions were inspired by the popularity of the Pokémon planar curves on the site.


[ Wolfram|Alpha blog ]

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