You Can Now Rent H.P. Lovecraft's Old Apartment

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Are you an H.P. Lovecraft aficionado? Like weird horror? Don’t mind odd squeaks and *probably* a ghost or two? You can now rent the author’s former home in Providence, Rhode Island.


The one-bedroom studio apartment was home to the author in April 1926 to May 1933, according to the ad, which helpfully includes a couple of lines from Lovecraft’s letters:

As for the place—I have a fine large ground-floor room (a former
dining room with fireplace) and kitchenette alcove in a spacious
brown Victorian wooden house at the 1880 period—a house,
curiously enough, built by some friends of my own family, now
long dead.

Letter to Frank Belknap Long, 1 May 1926

There’s no mention of unmentionable horrors from beyond, but it might be worth asking up on.


[via SFSignal]

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The non-Euclidean layout of the bedroom will drive you crazy.