You Can Now Own the Adorable Baby Velociraptor From Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

A lonely man with his $1,000 Baby Blue.
A lonely man with his $1,000 Baby Blue.
Photo: Chronicle Collectibles
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One of the standout moments in the trailers for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was footage of Chris Pratt’s character training baby velociraptors. Do they become lethal killing machines when fully grown? Yes. But as babies? They’re adorable! Who wouldn’t want a tiny velociraptor of their own? Well, now, short of finding some dino-DNA and engineering one yourself, you can.

Chronicle Collectibles is now taking pre-orders for a limited edition, full-sized replica of Baby Blue the raptor from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It’s about 38 inches long and made out of polyresin, designed directly from Industrial Light and Magic’s digital assets. Of course, that kind of quality doesn’t come cheap, so the piece runs $1,000. Here are some more photos.


“As soon as we saw the footage of Baby Blue interacting with Owen, we knew right away this was something we wanted to recreate for fans,” Paul Francis, creative director for Chronicle, said in a news release. “Thanks to our great working relationship with Universal and ILM we were able to bring Baby Blue off the screen and into a real, tangible form for collectors and fans alike. This is a terrific piece to honor the legacy of Jurassic Park, which now stands at 25 years strong and has no signs of stopping.”

For more information and to pre-order, visit this link.

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Ironically, this is close in size to what real raptors were.