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You Can Now Listen to the Entirety of Westworld's Excellent Soundtrack

At the beginning of November, HBO made five of Ramin Djawadi’s compositions available for people to listen to. Now, a full album of songs from the show has been released.


The 34-track album is a mix of Djawadi’s original tracks (like the haunting theme from the opening credits which I somehow keep getting stuck in my head) and the many, many player piano covers of music by other artists. The covers have become one of the show’s calling cards and I, personally, think it really reinforces the idea that what we’re seeing isn’t a recreation of history, but a park designed to cater to guest’s tastes—and how much of what we’re seeing is a mash-up of the past and present.

Here’s the album for your listening pleasure:


[via EW]

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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Has there been a composer for television anywhere close to as great as Ramin Djawadi?

The only person I can think of is Yoko Kanno, and when that person alone is your company, you’re on some illustrious fucking footing.