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You Can Now Download The Harry Potter Audiobooks From Audible

Illustration for article titled You Can Now Download The iHarry Potter/i Audiobooks From Audible

Up until now,if you’ve wanted to listen to the Harry Potter novels, you would have had to have picked up the physical editions, or go through Pottermore. Now, Audible has all of the novels available as part of their collection.


The various Audible sites will feature the narration performances originally recorded for audiobook format in their respective territories: Jim Dale in the North American version, Felix von Manteuffel in the German version, and Stephen Fry for the version sold in the U.K. and the rest of the world.


Unfortunately for US listeners, the Stephen Fry version is only available in the UK. Jim Dale does an excellent job, though.

[Publisher’s Weekly]

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What’s the need for the North American version? It is the BS about philosopher v. sorcerer?