You Can Now Buy Steven's Amazing Varsity Jacket From Steven Universe: The Movie

Steven is angry, but his fashion? Is perfect.
Steven is angry, but his fashion? Is perfect.
Image: Cartoon Network
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Steven Universe: royal heir, galactic savior, budding fashion maven. And now you can wear his best outfit for real.


When everyone grew up a couple of years in Steven Universe: The Movie, we got an opportunity to see a fantastic redesign for our hero, Steven Universe himself. Swapping out his old red shirt for a new light blue, he also sports a fabulous pink varsity-style jacket that suits him absolutely perfectly. It both shows his age—varsity jackets are a very teenager thing, after all— while also just being great fashion. And a nice nod to his heritage.

Now, it’s buyable. Cartoon Network, in collaboration with Daylight Curfew, is selling a replica of Steven’s jacket, and it looks pretty wonderful. With a sewn-in blue interior, complete with yellow star pattern, it absolutely screams Steven Universe, and Steven Universe. If you want an authentic cosplay, or just a rad jacket, you could do a lot worse.

The jacket, which isn’t precisely cheap at $198.00, is currently on backorder (preorders sold out quick), but you can sign up for a waitlist for when it goes back on sale. Honestly, it might be worth it.

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President Dog

Sizes maxed out at 2X... Dang, can’t get this for my big body. Guess I'll have to go with one of those generic eBay/Amazon coats for my older Steven cosplay.