You Can Now Buy a Real USS Enterprise Frisbee

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In the grand tradition of April Fool's products turning into reality, the ThinkGeek NCC-1701 Enterprise (the original, of course) has now become reality.


The saucer section spins when you throw it, and it tows the rest of the ship with it. It's very cute and fun, but if you got hit in the face with this, it's not a meet cute. It's a hospital visit.

You can pick one up at ThinkGeek for $24.99.

[via CNet]



If you are attempting to catch a thrown Enterprise Frisbee, and the approaching starship suddenly appears to be in two places at once, Do Not attempt to engage the "original." It has entered high warp, and it is highly recommended that only expertly trained adults, who have developed better sensors and can better spot the actual disk when it suddenly drops out of warp, attempt to catch the vessel.