You Can Learn From One Of Science Fiction's Greatest Biologists Online

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Joan Slonczewski is one of the few science-fiction authors who's also a biology professor. She's teaching a Biology In Science Fiction course at Kenyon College, using Tribbles, Dune and Jurassic Park to teach biological principles, and you can join in.


The class' syllabus, quizzes and related links are online, and so are the study guide, a class wiki, and some student projects. It's pretty fascinating to get a glimpse into the ways in which some of science-fiction's weird creatures, including some of the most far-fetched ones, can provide insight into actual biology.

Top image is cover of Slonczewski's novel, A Door Into Ocean. [The Columbus Dispatch and Biology In Science Fiction Blog]

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I bet those lines on her head are sense organs for sonar or those type of ridges that sharks have... #books