You Can Hear The Most Insane Moment From Pan Right Now

Pan was kind of a letdown in general. But the Peter Pan origins movie does have one totally bonkers moment that’s worth checking out—when Hugh Jackman leads all the captive boys in a singalong of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Hear it for yourself!


It’s even better with the video, and at some point we’ll definitely post that online too. But even just the soundtrack gives you a good sense of just how weirdly awesome this moment was. [via Movie Pilot]

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This COULD have been like A Knight’s Tale, where they used classic rock to demonstrate how people in that time period responded to what we would consider boring chamber music. That was extremely effective for me (the jousting crowd singing We Will Rock You gave me an idea of exactly what kind of movie I was about to see). This is just... weird.