You Can Go to Star Trek School, Thanks to the Intrepid Museum's Starfleet Academy

In the shadow of the USS Intrepid, far from the tourist traps of Time Square, is one of the best “experiences” you can pay for in New York City. The Starfleet Academy Experience is an exhibit currently hosted by the Intrepid Museum in a 12,000-square-foot exhibit space in Hell’s Kitchen, on Pier 86.


The exhibit is a mixture of cool props spanning the whole course of the show and an interactive component that lets you take tests and sort yourself into a Star Trek speciality. Are you better suited for tactical or navigation? Medical or command?

If you can’t make it to New York to check out the exhibit by October 31, it will be touring the country soon. Or you can check out the tour we went on. We learned some interesting things, like Kirk appears to be the tiniest captain (Archer is the tallest), and that the Kobayashi Maru really is unbeatable.

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The Incredulous Hulk

Anyone know if this includes the Kobayashi Maru?