You Can Actually Ride Inside This Magnificent Remote Control TIE Fighter

Swapping ion engines for an electric drivetrain, Nova Scotia’s Allan Carver built a battery-powered replica of a TIE Fighter that can hit a top speed of six miles per hour when piloted using an RC remote. But at roughly one-third the size of the movie version, the ship is also big enough to accommodate a pilot on board.


For scale reference on the main pod and side panels, Carver used one of the original Star Wars toys Kenner released in the ‘70s, with a few minor adjustments so he could squeeze the craft out of his workshop. But for other detail work he used a TIE Fighter toy that was released many years later which was far more accurate to the ships created for the movies.

Imagine waking up every morning and actually being excited for your commute to work! That’s how Carver must feel every day, even with this vehicle’s massive blindspots. We’re going to assume the Empire has excellent insurance.


[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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