Last night's Supernatural 10th season premiere proved the show can still give us something new. Behold Dean Winchester's incredible karaoke performance. And below, we've got his other turn at the mic, so you can decide: Which is the best "Musical Dean" moment? Spoilers ahead...

Here's the other one, which is more downbeat:

The thing that shocks me is, becoming a demon has apparently made Dean less of a rocker. WTF? I thought demons were all about the rock 'n' roll. Where are the 80s hair metal covers? Seriously guys, wtf.


The plot of this episode was pretty simple — Dean is a demon now, but he's the world's least ambitious demon, content to sleep around, kill the occasional follower of Abaddon, and do lots of shots and karaoke. A somewhat disappointed Crowley wants Dean to step up and help Crowley retake Hell, so he helps Sam track Dean down to light a fire under his butt. But Sam gets himself captured by some scuzzbag with a rigorous fitness regime, who wants payback against Dean and is willing to kill Sam to get it.

But the good bits were all in the little moments, like the fake-out at the start where you think a captive demon is talking about Dean becoming a monster when she actually means the vengeful, off-the-rails Sam. And Crowley realizing that a demonic version of Dean (who screws people in Crowley's bed and doesn't see the need to wear pants) is not such a great thing after all. And thus far at least, Demon Dean is the most interesting version of the character we've seen in a couple years — definitely since Dean broke up with his boyfriend Benny.

And in the episode's main subplot, the angel Hannah wants Castiel's help tracking down a couple rogue angels who just want to be left alone — after they kill the first angel sent to find them. But Castiel is dying thanks to his stolen grace, and he also sympathizes quite a bit with these angels who just want to live on Earth and go fishing and treasure their freedom. Oh, and Heaven sounds like it's become some kind of socialist hippie co-operative nightmare, where everybody votes on everything and they probably sort the recycling into 20 piles.


So... which karaoke performance is the rockingest?