Family Man Made Great Chili, Discovered Relativity

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This weekend, The New York Times published an obituary for Yvonne Brill that began with praise for the acclaimed rocket scientist's "mean beef stroganoff." (An intro that was later removed, without mention.) Today at Last Word on Nothing, Jennie Dusheck responds by imagining how Einstein's obit might have read had it received a similar treatment. It's... well it's inspired, really.


It begins:

Family Man Who Invented Relativity Dies

He made sure he shopped for groceries every night on the way home from work, took the garbage out, and hand washed the antimacassars. But to his step daughters he was just Dad. ”He was always there for us,” said his step daughter and first cousin once removed Margo.

Albert Einstein, who died on Tuesday, had another life at work, where he sometimes slipped away to peck at projects like showing that atoms really exist. His discovery of something called the photoelectric effect won him a coveted Nobel Prize.


Read the rest, complete with in-line edits (a nod to this side-by-side comparison of the original and revised versions of Brill's obit) – over at Last Word on Nothing.

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You are still making an issue of this? Seriously? Basically, everyone is pissed because the 3rd sentence wasn't the first one.

This mentality is a disservice to women everywhere. It gives the impression that these are the main issues women face (insanely petty and complete non-issues).

Yes, I get that this is offered as a joke, but it is closer to satyr only without bite or intelligence.