You Are Cutting Your Bagels Wrong

How are you cutting your bagels? With a boring straight down the middle cut, or into a delicious linked breakfast chain, using the Mobius strip method?


Computer science professor and sculptor George Hart put together this video showing his method for slicing a bagel using a two-twist Mobius strip as the cutting guide. The result? A delicious-looking geometry problem of a bagel, that is cut so it's two halves remain linked together like so:

Illustration for article titled You Are Cutting Your Bagels Wrong

Image: George Hart

It's not just a way to the impress other, lesser breakfast-makers in your orbit, though. Hart's mobius strip method has one other significant advantage over the traditional straight cut: more exposed surface area on which to spread the cream cheese.

[via FlowingData]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

mmm...infinite bagel....