You and Rihanna Could Totally Geek Out About Star Trek

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Did you think it was weird when Rihanna, the multi-platinum recording artist, did a song for Star Trek Beyond? On paper, it was. She’s this super-famous, super-cool, music superstar. The kind of person you’d expect not to know a “War” from a “Trek.” But believe it or not, Rihanna is a huge Trek fan. So it’s actually not at all a surprise.


One of the ways Paramount is promoting the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, besides releasing a new movie of course, is asking fans to explain what Star Trek means to them in 50 seconds. There are a bunch on their Facebook page and Rihanna’s is now out too.

The internet almost requires us to be mean and skeptical when someone this prominent displays this level of nerdiness but ... I can’t. She seems legitimately passionate about it. I mean, she doesn’t even say someone from the original series is her favorite character. She references a Next Generation character. Even if it’s a more famous one like La Forge, that’s still pretty cool.



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Michael Crider

“Hey Geordi, I finally found a woman who’s interested in you.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yes. She says you’re ‘her guy’ and she can’t wait to see what’s under your visor.”

“Oh wow! So who is she?”

“A pop singer.”

“Really, that’s -”

“From 350 years ago. I found her in the computer’s cultural database.”


“Another drink?”


It always bothered me that Geordi was a great friend, full of confidence, fantastic at his job... and yet he was always the default lonely loser they pulled out for an episode about a doomed romance. Even Data has better luck with women. Even Wesley. WESLEY.