Yiff Gallery

Na'vi: Avatar

James Cameron admitted that he wanted to make sure that his cat people stayed sexy, or were at least sexually appealing. So, are they? I guess they all look exceptionally fit, but the weird skinless tail freaks me out just a tad. As do the nose, eyes and mouth. I guess I see the general attraction but wouldn't this be like wearing a hairless cat suit to a furry convention? And yet we, or maybe it's just me and one other nameless commenter, still can't seem to stop using the phrase, "now, let's go have cat people sex."


Rating: 7/10 I'd strap on an Avatar suit to have giant cat people sex, sure why not?


The Wolfman: The Wolfman

Benecio Del Toro dressed like Han Solo with fur, hmmm ok my interest is perked. No one really knows just how freak show Benecio Del Toro will look in this film, but it's still Benecio, the man sweats sex appeal. And I bet he's really sweaty in the suit, oh my god I just wrote that.


Rating: 6/10, not blue cat people hot but if he's still got that accent I'm game.

The Wild Things: Where The Wild Things Are

They appear to be super soft and ripe for cuddling, but this whole movie comes from a pure place. Far be it from me to muddy this up with sex beast thoughts.


Rating: 2.5/10 They're child-like beasts, so no there is nothing attractive about man child creatures or their man child costumes. Also, negative points for the wildly misleading title.


Jacob Black: New Moon

What will the Twilight werewolves look we all wondered, turns out husky puppies. Let down? You bet. Especially since the rest of THE PACK spend all their time wandering about shirtless and acting sexual doncha wish ya boyfriend was furry like me. We don't.

Rating: 4/10 for trying too hard and coming up puppy.


Mr. Fox: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox really does have it all, great clothes, neat whistle and click ticks, he's friends with Bill Murray as a badger, has a classic motorcycle, and can pull off a speedo. This furry has it all together.

Rating: 10/10, Oh yeah did I mention he's voiced by George Clooney? Sexiest fox human ever.


Sam Trammell: True Blood

This bar owner, shape shifter and dirty sheet sniffer this man pup must make his partners think of all the dirty furry scenarios. If I have sex with you, am I having sex with an animal? Are you thinking about having sex with like you are a dog and I'm a deer? Should I be pretending to be a deer? Can deers and dogs have sex? Would other furries get that joke if there was a deer and a dog furry couple at the next hang out?


Rating: 5/5 panda bears because until I have solid proof that he's having sex as a puppy then it doesn't cut it. But he get's lots of points for his hyper stylized puppy hair.

Sabretooth: Wolverine

Be it the comic, cartoon, Tyler Mane or the too delightful for words Liev Schreiber the awfully hairy mutant man is a good mix of both furry and flesh. Heck he even bounds around like a kitty in the latest Wolverine movie, so that has to be good for something right?


Rating: 8/10, because he's not 100% furry but seems like a baby step into the deep dark pool that is having sex with a fur suit on. Plus it's Liev Schreiber, a perfect specimen of what the male race should strive for, so he gets two extra points just for that, and another for the teeth.

Wolverine: Wolverine

He's sassy and sexy, but does he run around like a half wolf creature not really. The term Wolverine is more of a nickname rather than sexual furster inspiration.


Rating: 7/10, because the bad boys will always be hotter, even when you're playing the anti hero. Also, chest not hairy enough to be considered super furry, -1.

Werewolves: Underworld Rise of the Lycans

They are perpetually blue and always covered with dirt. I dunno maybe a one time thing.


Rating: 4/10, while it's fun to slum it with the dirty slave wolves, they got nothing on that fantastic fox.

Insectosaurus: Monsters Versus Aliens

He is a baby what is wrong with you people?

Rating: .5/10 He does turn into a fluffy butterfly at one point, just sayin.