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An actor drops a major hint at another way Game of Thrones could depart from the books next year. Some long-discussed concept art of Han Solo and Chewbacca may have surfaced. Sleepy Hollow prepares you for its return with a pack of featurettes. And we may know which episode of Once Upon a Time is all about Ursula. Spoilers now!

Top image: Doctor Who

Star Wars

Here is what may be some movie concept art of the older versions of Han Solo and Chewbacca. The newest thing Han has? A badass coat. [ Market Saw via Comic Book Movie]


Doctor Who

Here's a little preview of "Last Christmas" for you to watch before the episode airs today. [via Life, Doctor Who & Combom]

Game of Thrones

Mark Gatiss, who plays the Braavosi banker Tycho Nestoris, was at the Mumbai Film and ComicCon. And when they pressed him for details about what's up with his character, he responded, "Well, I don't know, I think… I think Tycho Nestoris is from later in the books and they've brought him forward a bit. I think I go.. I go to… Do I go to the Wall?"


This leads people to believe that Tycho Nestoris does not go to the Wall in season five, since Gatiss seemed unsure about whether that was in his character's future. Add to that the fact that Gatiss mentioned he only filmed one episode this season — and that's apparently the material we saw being filmed, which takes place in Braavos.

Without going into too much detail for people who haven't read the books, if Tycho doesn't turn up at the Wall, this could make a big difference to Stannis' storyline. It's possible that the scene in season four where Stannis visits Braavos is going to be the only meeting between Stannis and Tycho Nestoris, which would remove a major turning point from Stannis' arc. Also, certain other key characters in that storyline, like Wyman Manderly, have not yet been cast. So in light of Gatiss' comments, there's some speculation that Stannis' storyline will be way different from the books — or some of it will be pushed back to season six.


More details at the link, and you can watch the video of Gatiss' remarks below. [Winter is Coming]

Sleepy Hollow

Here are three featurettes and a new promo for the second half of season two. [via SpoilerTV]

Once Upon a Time

Episode 4.15 will be called "Poor Unfortunate Soul." [via SpoilerTV]



Go here for more photos from episode 2.10, "Prophecy." [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting Charlie Jane Anders and Abhimanyu Das

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