Yet another sexy reason why robots will replace humans [NSFW]

Over at Fleshbot, there's a fascinating review of a new sex toy from Korean company HEPS. Called the Fantastic System, it apparently produces the most realistic blow job you've ever experienced from a machine. Writes reviewer Ottimo Massimo:

When closed, the whole thing looks a bit like a jetpack, or some low sleek racecar, or perhaps one of those cool solid backpacks the youths like nowadays, but pop one end off and a pair of plump lips poke out. Is it a little freaky looking? Yes, yes it is. But march through the fog of discomfort that envelops you and you'll be glad you did. Lube up, give it a couple squishes to distribute the goop throughout its gullet, and slip right on inside . . . the inside of the mouth contains an absurd assortment of ridges, bumps, swirls, and even a tongue that's been angled and aligned in such a way that it seems lively. Putting my cock in this thing just felt right. The lips part gently, the lube smooths entry, the tongue is there to welcome my dick, pull it in, apply extra pressure to the sensitive underside, and then I hit the back of the throat and the whole cone of warm wetness tightens ever so slightly around me.

Is it better than the best human blowjob? No. Is it better than a number of boring blowjobs I can recall from my past? Emphatic yes.


He goes on to explain all the features you can use to customize your experience, and how easy it is to clean (hey, that's important). Plus, HEPS has a whole bizarre theory behind why their sex toys are going to cure cancer and save the world. Yes, I know — you and I both welcome our new sex robot overlords.


Want to know more? Then check out the rest of the story on Fleshbot.

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