Illustration for article titled Yesterdays supercommittee failure does not bode well for the future of science in America

The congressional supercommittee responsible for trimming 1.5 trillion dollars from the US federal budget has failed to deliver, triggering a decade-long, 1.2-trillion-dollar budget-slash set to begin in 2013.

The effect that these cuts will have on science remains to be seen, but early reactions to news of the committee failure seem to indicate that resources typically allocated for funding the Department of Energy and space exploration could be at disproportionately greater risk than other programs — though we think it's safe to say that pretty much anyone in a government-funded lab or research facility has reason to be concerned.


"It's going to be real bloodletting," said Michael Lubell — head of public affairs with the American Physical Society — in an interview with New Scientist. "Everything is up for grabs."

Read more about the future of science in a post-committee-failure world over at New Scientist.

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