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Yes, Ridley Scott Will Direct the Alien Prequel

Illustration for article titled Yes, Ridley Scott Will Direct the Alien Prequel

It's official: Ridley Scott will be directing the prequel Alien, returning to the franchise he created. And along for the chest-bursting ride is an up-and-coming scifi screenwriter, with a reboot idea Scott couldn't refuse.


Ever since Scott announced his intentions to make an Alien prequel, speculation has abounded as to whether Scott himself would return to the director's chair. Word was the commercial director (and Scott's daughter's current beau) Carl Erik Rinsch might take the reigns, but that Fox refused to greenlight the project without Scott as director. Variety now reports that Scott has agreed to direct his first Alien movie in 30 years, with Jon Spaiht attached to write the script.

Spaiht isn't a household name yet, but his philosophical science fiction romance Passengers made the 2007 Black List of best unproduced scripts. He's also scripting The Darkest Hour, a film described as "Independence Day in Moscow," for 9 producer and Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov, as well as a feature for Disney titled Children of Mars. Reportedly, Spaiht delivered a prequel pitch that wowed Scott and the studio.


So, what is this brilliant idea? The new film will allegedly be a direct prequel to the original Alien, which means we may get to see what occurred on the derelict ship that Ripley and her crew discover in the first film. Or perhaps we'll see shades of William Gibson's idea for Alien 3, and trace the xenomorphs to their origin.


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Aliens are done. Forget it. Finito. Over. The mystique and the horror of them has been utterly milked. The third film struggled to make anyone care, Ressurection went off the god-damn rails trying to add something new (don't get me started on Ressurection), and the AVP films put nails in their coffin.

Everybody gets it. They get the life cycle, they get the terrifying idea of being used as a living incubator, of a creature so utterly perfect in its creation that for all the technology, fellowship, training whatever, we're walking entrees. We've seen the Queen and the Hive and the way they propogate. There is no mystery anymore. The only damned thing we haven't seen is where they come from and we never should, because it's the last damned mystery left and it should stay that way.

If you're not convinced, if you don't see the alarm bells yet, re-read the article. If it is even remotely true that Ridley Scott had to be forced into this? Forget it. Seriously, what more can you do?

The originals stand fine on their own. You're not getting lightning in a bottle again, just let it go.