Yes, a New JLA Cartoon Is Definitely on Its Way

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The poster was right! Cartoon Network Canada has confirmed that a new Justice League cartoon, titled JLA, to begin airing next fall. I think we can safely assume that Cartoon Network USA will also air the series, possibly even before its Canadian debut.


No other info is known, but I previously speculated that based on the character silhouettes of the poster that popped up on the web last month (seen on the far right above) that it could be set in the animated universe of Young Justice and the direct-to-DVD movie Batman: Under the Red Hood (not coincidentally, one of the best). I’m not sure how likely that is, but boy, it sure would be awesome.

[Via World’s Finest Online]

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I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so...SCARED.

What if it’s like Teen Titans Go!? What if it’s like Avengers Assemble Season One? WHAT IF IT’S TERRIBLE AND EVERYTHING IS AWFUL OH GOD BRING BACK JLU.