Yearning For Serene Flying Paddleboats

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A lot of sci fi concept art has a tendency to be spiky and sharp looking, and you'll usually see enough spires and knife-edged towers to populate an entire world with if you flip through a book of book of alien artwork. That's why artist Ryan Church's floating paddleboat here looks serene and peaceful. You could just imagine spreading a blanket under that tree and taking a nap while these leviathans glide by overhead. Could someone out there get a Huckleberry Finn in Space project started ASAP?


Of course, if pointy things and big guns are your thing, check out Ryan's website where you can see the concept art he created for War of the Worlds and the second and thirdStar Wars prequels. We never thought we'd see the new Star Wars movies as cool, but his concept art sure looks a lot better than the films ever did. In fact, note to George Lucas, we'd buy a DVD with filled with this artwork.

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