Yatta! Masi Oka Gets His Own Movie

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The first seven minutes of Get Smart are available as a free iTunes download, and they include some new footage of Heroes' Masi Oka and Nate Torrance as the two techies, Bruce and Lloyd. Soon, you'll also be able to download an exclusive clip from the direct-to-DVD spin-off starring Oka and Torrance, Bruce And Lloyd Out Of Control. The spin-off, about the techies getting into crazy scrapes, comes out July 1, to coincide with Get Smart's theatrical release. Will there be nerdy hijinks? We can hardly wait to find out. [iTunes and Heroes The Series]


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No, this looks fairly genius. But then, I haven't paid any attention at all to the Get Smart remake, and am not likely to see it until it goes to DVD.

They should have put Bruce and Lloyd on the web somewhere though, not sent it to DVD right away. Make it an Easter Egg!