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New Cinderella Trailer Showcases The Villains' Hidden Political Agendas

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So far, the live-action Cinderella trailers have focused on showing how Disney's taking their animation, infusing it with glamour and swagger (in the form of Cate Blanchett, naturally), and bringing it to life. But now, we see what's being added to the plot to make it stand out.


The biggest change hinted at in this trailer is the stepmother's motivations: they definitely make it sound that it's not just about her daughters marrying the prince. Now, there's someone in the palace promising her things in exchange for making sure the prince marries who he is supposed to. Shades of Ever After in that arranged marriage scene, definitely.

We also see more of how Cinderella and the prince meet, proving her bona fides as a friend to all living creatures and someone with opinions. As ever, these trailers are beautiful and exciting.

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Yassss! "Ever After" Princess Gabriella for the win!

I do like that, in this particular glimpse, we got to see how Disney plans to address the critique that the "Legacy" princess (Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora) were inherently passive. By giving Cinderella the motivation to protect the prince from her evil (yet FANTASTICALLY DRESSED family) we get to see her having a hand in her story instead of being just a character in it.