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YA Science Fiction Thriller The Final Six Has a Movie Deal and the Book Isn't Even Finished Yet

Image: The 5th Wave
Image: The 5th Wave

Author Alexandra Monir scored with her debut, Timeless, and its sequel, Timekeeper, are best-sellers in the YA supernatural romance realm. But her star’s about to rise even more now that Sony has picked up her in-progress “space thriller,” The Final Six, based on the strength of its first few chapters.


That’s not even the whole story—The Final Six doesn’t even have a publishing deal yet, which is nuts. (Expect that to change, shortly). Here’s how Variety describes the book:

The story imagines a present-day world under a first-of-its-kind coalition between the United Nations and the international space agencies, with a plot to send a team of six intrepid teenagers to create the first human settlement on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The book will carry themes of environmentalism, global unity and leadership.


Teenagers, you say? That part makes sense; Sony would no doubt love another crack at the YA science fiction movie-adaptation pie, after the studio’s recent take on The 5th Wave opened to mostly tepid reviews. Story-wise, though, an all-teen space colony? With “themes of environmentalism, global unity, and leadership”? Hmmmm. Throw some kind of surly, adolescent, authority-hating aliens in there, and maybe it’ll sound more interesting.

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Classic example of our failed educational system

This could actually be a good premise, if instead of 6, it was all. And instead of environmentalism, global unity and leadership it was having a big fucking party.