XM Studios' New Collector's Statue Is the Greatest Red Ranger of Them All

Red Ranger, ready for action.
Image: Saban and XM Studios
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In all of Power Rangers, which Red Ranger is the greatest, the most heroic, the best leader? Well, it’s this one, played by a statue. He’s perfect.

This statue, produced by XM Studios in collaboration with Saban Brands (and likely one of the last lines of collectibles to be created for the brand without Hasbro’s involvement), has it all. This Ranger is bold, he’s well crafted, and he has every piece of equipment he needs.


Based on the Red Ranger from the first Power Rangers series, this statue comes with interchangeable left and right arms and a set of power armor, so he can take on his standard Red form or his fusion form wherein the Red Ranger uses the Green Ranger’s powers. The statue, which retails for approximately $750 USD (I think, if my exchange understanding is on point here), also comes with a signed art print.

I love this statute. The design is impeccable, with accents added to the standard design that really pop. Supposedly, XM is making a whole series of these statues, and if so they’re going to be a pretty incredible set.

I’ve put a couple more pictures below, and you can check out the figure in its fully glory here.

Image: Saban Brands with XM Studios
Image: Saban Brands with XM Studios

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