X-Ray Of A Snake Who Mistook Golf Balls For Delicious Chicken Eggs

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This snake slithered into a chicken coop looking for a tasty treat, and instead made a meal of a pair of golf balls. Fortunately, a sympathetic human rushed the snake to a team of veterinarians.


This grey rat snake was found in a chicken coop earlier this week with a pair of golf balls in its digestive tract. Sadly, these snakes can't digest golf balls, and the golf balls will keep them from eating or digesting actual food, leaving the snakes to die of starvation with a full belly. But this lucky snake was taken to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, where a team of veterinarians surgically removed the golf balls and have continued to monitor the snake for infection.

You can see more photos of the snake—including what it looked like with what are very obviously foreign objects protruding from its body—at WTEV.


Image by the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

Snake confuses golf balls for chicken eggs [WTEV via Neatorama]

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I have heard that the best way to catch a snake that is stealing eggs, is first find the hole where they are getting in. Then, put an egg outside of the hole. And another egg inside the hole.