X-Men prequel finds its villain, and Christopher Nolan talks his Superman influences

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

X-Men: First Class has its Magneto. The Last Airbender reveals its fight scenes and epic scope. Doctor Who has two big questions to answer. There are insane Batman 3 cast rumors to end all insane cast rumors. Prepare for spoilers!

X-Men First Class:

Michael Fassbender has now ended his apparent deliberations over which Marvel villain to play, as he's definitely playing the young Magneto. He joins James McAvoy as Professor Xavier and Benjamin Walker as Hank McCoy. [Showbiz 411]


The Last Airbender:

We've got three new clips. What do they tell us? Well, M. Night Shyamalan continues to be an amazing visual stylist, the fight scenes look pretty cool...and he still may not have any idea how to get decent performances out of his actors, although I'm basing that on just two short lines of dialogue. (See? I'm nothing if not fair.) Anyway, judge for yourself:

Batman 3:

We're getting dangerously close to actually having real news to report about this movie instead of off-hand comments and crazy actor rumors (although we have a couple doozies coming up in a moment on that front, so stick around). Christopher Nolan says they're aiming for a 2012 release date, and that his brother Jonathan Nolan has been working on the script for a while now. The script is based on a story by Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer. The director Nolan says he'll have a lot more to say about this movie in a couple weeks, once Inception is out and he's ready to move on to his next project. [MTV News]

OK, now, imagine the two actors who would be the very last people you'd want going anywhere near Batman 3. Got them? If you said Robin Williams and Jay Baruchel, then congratulations, because this world is your own personal Hell. Robin Williams says he's tired of being screwed out of roles in the Batman franchise (he lost the Joker to Jack Nicholson and the Riddler to Jim Carrey, apparently) and would play absolutely anyone if he was offered a part. Jay Baruchel, on the other hand, has one very specific character in mind, as he believes he was born to play Robin. Well, that or the Dauphin in Henry V. Personally, I'm way more OK with Jay Baruchel ruining Shakespeare than getting in my Dark Knight sequel. I've got to protect the true classics here. [Worst Previews]


Special effects whiz Greg Nicotero says he's hugely proud of the movie's old school approach to creature effects, which relied heavily on men in suits and animatronics. He also notes that, though they desinged a whole new breed of Predators, there is one that is based exactly on the Predator from the original movie. He says it's like bringing a character back who hasn't aged at all after fifteen years, although I wouldn't imagine that's meant to be taken literally, what with the original Predator being all exploded. [IGN]


World of Warcraft:

Sam Raimi says writer Robert Rodat only has a forty page outline, so they're still a ways away from an actual script. They're looking to include only the best characters and battlefields rather than cram the entire universe into a single movie, and Raimi admits a fondness for the biggest and smallest characters, so expect some giant characters. He's hoping to make the movie feel realistic and like a world we could live in, which should be a piece of cake for an adaption of a fantasy computer game. [Sci Fi Wire]


The Hobbit:

It's apparently this close to being official: Peter Jackson is indeed going to direct both of the Hobbit movies. [Deadline]


True Blood:

Grant Bowler, who plays werewolf pack leader Cooter, says Sookie is special - even more special than we would already think she is, what with the mind-reading and all. [TV Guide]


A set report reveals Bill and Eric standing over a shallow grave that's having cement poured into it. Eric appears to be wearing handcuffs, and Bill pushes him out of the way at some point. No idea what's going on with all that, but I'll go with my default guess and assume it's something sexy. [JustJared]

Doctor Who:

At the end of the last episode of Doctor Who Confidential, Steven Moffat laid down the two most important questions that will be answered in the next series. The first is "Who are the silence?" Note the choice of pronoun and verb - whatever the silence is. Or perhaps that should be Silence with the capital "S" - it's apparently a race of some sort, or at least a group of people. Either way, they're the group that made the TARDIS explode in The Pandorica Opens, and it was probably one of them who croaked "Silence will fall" in the same episode. The second question is "Who is River Song?", which you probably could have guessed would be answered eventually, although maybe not this soon. Looks like we know what the two Moffat two-parters are going to be about next year, then.


The Walking Dead:

A set report mentions a kid whacking the hero around the head with a shovel for some reason, which makes me pretty much instantly love this show. (I mean, what TV show wouldn't be improved with the occasional shovel attack?) They're both so busy with the shovel-whacking that they totally miss an approaching zombie, although gunfire saves them from the undead menace. There's not really any more context than that to understand what's going on. Frank Darabont also says they're going to make this pretty much the goriest show ever shown on cable TV. [Fangoria]


Warehouse 13:

Bunch of videos to share (which is pretty ideal right about now). First, two new promos, followed by three cast interviews:


Here's a picture of the new cast members for series five. [Digital Spy]

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Christopher Nolan, who is part of the creative team trying to figure out the seemingly unsolvable mystery of how to make another good Superman movie, says the story is what has to come first, and they still haven't really cracked what sort of story they want to tell. In terms of how they will tell the story, it may be a bit closer to the Richard Donner movies than you might expect, as Nolan considers the original Superman movie a touchstone of epic moviemaking and something he wants to aspire to. [MTV News]


The Shadow:

30 Days of Night and Twilight: Eclipse director David Slade was rumored to be helming this Sam Raimi produced update of the old superhero franchise. Slade has now put this one completely to rest, saying it's just an internet rumor, although he did take the unusual step of trying to prove the rumor true after the fact by emailing Sam Raimi for a script. Raimi said no, however, so this one is definitely, absolutely untrue. (Unless it's not. You just never know with these Hollywood types.) [IGN]


Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth.

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"A set report mentions a kid whacking the hero around the head with a shovel for some reason, which makes me pretty much instantly love this show."

That my friend is a scene from the comic :)

Baruchel needs to shut up about his Robin destiny. There's a 'No-fucking-Robin' rant Bale goes into when the boy wonder is mentioned. They're not going to do Robin.

Now Robin Williams? That's someone they do need to cast. He's amazing in roles that go beyond his usual comedy shtick, and he'd make a great villain.