Illustration for article titled emX-Men: First Class/em writers turning Lev Grossmans emThe Magicians/em into a TV series

Great news! Lev Grossman's acclaimed novel about a magical boarding school, The Magicians, is being adapted into a television series on Fox. And Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz, whose credits include Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Thor and X-Men: First Class, are adapting it into a pilot.


The Magicians revolves around the secret boarding school called Brakebills, where a few lucky young adults get to learn the secrets of magic. And then Quentin, the main character, encounters some terrible darkness as well as the truth about the Narnia-esque books he read as a child.


So will you be seeing The Magicians on your TV screens next year? Possibly, but for now Fox is just optioning the series, plus ordering a pilot script with a penalty — meaning they'll most likely get as far as filming the thing. This could be another Locke and Key, but fingers crossed. [Deadline]

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