X-Men: First Class casts an unlikely mutant, and Jeph Loeb talks Marvel's new TV shows

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

X-Men: First Class is auditioning a professional surfer to play a mutant from the far future. (Really.) Warehouse 13 is headed to new territory both geographically and romantically. We've got the first review for Despicable Me. Spoilers at dawn!


X-Men - First Class:

Professional surfer Erica Hosseini recently tweeted that she was up for a role in this movie, and now we know who it is. It's...not who you would guess. (No, seriously - there is no way in hell you could correctly guess which character she's auditioning for.) She's auditioning for the part of Willow, a very minor mutant who only appeared in six issues of X-Men...X-Men 2099, that is. She's a shapeshifter who can take on any human form, although she has distinctive markings on her face that remain when she morphs. That would seem to really eliminate most of the usefulness of being a shapeshifter, but I digress. For what it's worth, Willow is also African-American, and Erica Hosseini is most definitely not. This whole story seems really bizarre, but I suppose it isn't really - the filmmakers probably just wanted a shapeshifter character, and Willow was a good combination of blank slate that they could do anything with, and a character who would provide some link back to the comics. Either way, I'm guessing Willow won't be a major character, although Hosseini does say in her interview that she loves to do stunts, so it might be a pretty action-heavy role.


Update: People have pointed out that Fox has a history of putting out casting calls with character names changed, and this character is probably not actually the Willow from X-Men 2099. [Straight 2 DVD]

Despicable Me:

One of the first reviews is out, and the verdict is: very mediocre, but not horribly so. The plot is standard and predictable, and a lot of the jokes really aren't all that funny. In particular, the supervillain Gru's minions are given way more screentime than they deserve, as though the filmmakers think they're a lot funnier than they actually are. Steve Carell is apparently very good as Gru, but a lot of the other voice talent (including Jason Segel, Russell Brand, and Kristen Wiig) is wasted and not really given anything to do. There are a few good moments - the review singles out the sequence at the amusement park and Gru's heist of his rival's compound - but it doesn't really hang together very well. All of that sounds about right, based on the trailers, but it's still a bit disappointing.

Also, the review has a plot summary that's somewhat more comprehensive than what we've seen thus far:

As Gru, a hunched supervillain conducting all his plots from the suburbs for some reason, Steve Carell uses a constricted German accent to great effect, abandoning his typical Michael Scott comic persona for someone even more insecure and struggling. Gru gets the big idea to steal the moon after new kid in town Vector (Jason Segel) starts upstaging him with dastardly deeds of his own, but Gru's plan is foiled when the Bank of Supervillains (formerly Lehman Brothers) won't float him a loan. Making matters worse, Gru's flashy new rival Vector steals the shrink ray Gru needed to capture the moon, and now all the evening news reports focus on Vector, with poor Gru stuck abusing his freeze ray and popping childrens' balloons for his evil deeds. For pretty flimsy reasons Gru decides that the only way to steal back his shrink ray is to adopt a trio of orphan girls, whom he plans to use as bait and otherwise ignore while locking them in the kitchen and tinkering away in his underground lair. The girls have other plans, of course, and slowly go about melting Gru's heart even when he'd rather skip the bedtime stories and let them walk to ballet class.



Warehouse 13:

A new article has a bunch of details on the second season. As we reported yesterday, Pete will be rekindling a couple romances, but Claudia will also head into relationship territory when she falls for a local. Myka will deal with a former warehouse agent, and the two will have some trust issues, which based on the context in which they're mentioned might well be romantic in nature. Artie will also develop a crush on the warehouse doctor, played by Lindsay Wagner.


Episodes will travel everywhere from high fashion shows to the world of comic book superheroes. The team will also travel to Warehouse 2, one of the twelve predecessor warehouses, each featuring artifacts from a different point in history. The thirteenth episode will be holiday-themed. Finally, the escape of MacPherson, which we saw at the end of season one, will continue to affect our heroes throughout this season, as he "unleashed something in the warehouse that will affect our gang for the rest of the season." [USA Today]

True Blood:

A few new photos are out: [Fangtasia Brasil]


Zachary Levi confirmed that they start shooting the fourth season on July 19. Also, it's still an open question whether NBC will order an additional "back nine" to boost next season from thirteen episodes to a full twenty-two. [Collider]


Marvel TV:

Jeph Loeb had a few general points to make about Marvel's new TV ventures. All shows will either air on ABC or ABC Family, which makes sense considering they're all under the Disney corporate umbrella. They'll mostly be looking to do one-hour dramas along the same lines of Smallville, and the key will be finding Marvel characters that lend themselves well to storytelling on a TV budget. [Comic Book Resources]


Sin City 2:

This feels like pretty much the exact same update I would have written on this date in 2008...or 2006, for that matter. Still, Robert Rodriguez swears that there is a script for this and he still really wants to do it, but now it has to be rewritten and it's a question of finding the time to do it. I'm just going to go ahead and save this entry for future use in 2012, 2014, 2016... [Digital Spy]


Piranha 3-D:

Finally, this is just sort of cool. The French poster for the upcoming monster movie provides a nice visual reference for the posters to Jaws and Joe Dante's original Piranha film.

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