If you're still fired up after seeing Days of Future Past (or you want to snag an $8 movie credit so you can go see it), here's an huge list of X-Men deals for you. If you have any inkling that you might want that Collector's Edition Blu-ray, be sure to order it now while the price is marked down.

Humble is back with its fourth Ebook bundle, allowing you to name your own price for a collection of nine DRM-free ebooks. A few titles only unlock at certain price points, but it's a great bargain any way you slice it. [Humble Ebook Bundle]

Here's one of the better deals you'll ever see on licensed LEGO sets . All you have to do is buy one set, and you can get another for 40% off. Includes LEGO Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and more, plus some Nerf guns to boot. [Buy One, Get One 40% Off Select Toys ]

Today on Amazon, you can take home five Die Hard Blu-rays for just $31. Last year, this collection dropped to about the same price for a day, but otherwise it has never been below $50. [Die Hard Collection, $31]

Unleash your inner Jetson by outsourcing your chores to a robot. Yes, it's refurbished, but this is about as cheap as you'll ever see a Roomba. [Refurb Roomba 530, $195]

It's only 8GB, but $6 for the smallest flash drive on the market? Yes please. [SanDisk Cruzer Fit 8GB, $6]

Even searching for deals every day, you just don't see Bluetooth headphones for $20 very often. I admit, I had never heard of these before today, but they have a solid 4 star average on over 4,000 reviews. [Kinivo Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, $20]

What if I told you you could take a full-sized keyboard with you on the road that was only 2.7" tall, and 1.5" deep? That's exactly what the Cellulon EPIC laser keyboard offers. It won't have the feel of your favorite mechanical keyboard (because, you know, lasers), but this thing is just plain cool. [Cellulon EPIC Virtual Keyboard, $100]

Amazon is currently offering the Verizon Moto G for just $70 with no contract. It won't work with Verizon post-paid plans, but you can get it on the network with some prepaid data. Or, you could just forego a cell plan altogether, and just use it on Wi-Fi as an iPod Touch-like Android device. Yes, it's a cheap phone, but it's really pretty solid! [Moto G, $70]

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