X-Men: Days of Future Past will make X-movie continuity even weirder

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We confirmed a few X-Men: Days of Future Past villains in today's Morning Spoilers, but now a new synopsis of the film has arrived, explaining exactly how the modern X-Men movie universe will connect, but this raises a whole new set of problems.


From Vulture:

In Singer’s take, Ellen Page returns as Kitty from the Brett Ratner–directed X-Men: The Last Stand, but this time she uses her powers to send Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine back into the past, where he encounters the younger mutants played by James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michael Fassbender. However, something bad happens to Kitty during the time-travel trance, and while Wolverine is still under her spell, the other X-Men must race to find a mutant who can siphon Kitty’s powers and bring their friend back to the future.


How the hell do Kitty Pryde's phasing powers send Wolverine back in time? What the hell does "Wolverine is still under her spell" even mean? How are they going to siphon Kitty's powers if Rogue took the mutant cure in X-Men 3? And none of this answers how a 30-something Emma Frost was running around in the '60s, but 16-year-old Emma Frost was freed along with young Cyclops in the '80s or whenever the hell that last bit of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was set.

Do you think they can pull some kind of alternate timeline nonsense to, if not explain a few of these discrepancies, that somehow start over with a clean slate by the end of the film? Or are things just going to get worse?

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Unpopular Opinion 101:

I have never liked the Bryan Singer X-Movies. They're really badly written and directed.

The use of powers & physics in the Singer movies are always sort of stupid. Pyro throws fireballs that knock people down instead of burning them up. Magneto turns Senator Kelly into a jellyfish. The school is full of nameless non-characters with powers that basically translate to "the cheapest special effects we can do".

These X-movies... I dunno. I hate to be rude, but I guess they're okay if you're a dumb little kid who doesn't care about characterization or plot. But X-Men 1 was terrible, and X-Men 2 basically only survives by having maybe 3 good scenes spaced out through an entire movie of boring, half-hearted suck.

Unlike the Marvel franchises, the X-Men movies don't have much in common with the books. The characters are different, the costumes are different... It's like Bryan Singer knows a guy who knows a guy who read some X-Men once, but it's obvious that nobody who works on these movies really cares that much about the original stories.