We don’t really get to see Scott Summers use his classic visor in Apocalypse—he gets it as part of his final, ‘90s-inspired costume near the end, but that’s pretty much all we see of it. As this deleted scene shows, he almost got it a bit earlier in the movie... although he wasn’t too keen on the appearance at first.

Yahoo debuted the short new clip from Apocalypse’s home release today, showing Beast giving Scott the work-in-progress visor. The youngster isn’t a fan of the look but is a bit more eager when he sees how useful the visor can be for controlling his optic blasts.


It’s a cute little scene (even the Cyclops joke) but you can see why it was cut, considering the costume upgrade was ultimately kept for the film’s end rather than before the big battle with Apocalypse. Presumably he’ll get to use it a lot more in the next movie.