X-Men 3's Ratner Wants His Own Private Superhero Team

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Not content with almost tanking the X-Men franchise with X-Men: The Last Stand — Killing Cyclops off-screen, Brett? Really? — Brett Ratner is now turning his attention to more superpowered teenagers for his next project, Harbinger. Paramount Pictures have optioned the popular 1990s comic series after Ratner expressed interest in "start[ing] a superhero franchise from scratch." Find out what you should be expecting in theaters in a couple of years after the jump.

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Named the "hottest comic of 1993" by Wizard Magazine — so now you know it must be good — Harbinger centered around teenager Pete Stanchek, an "omega harbinger" who can activate superpowers in other people, and his attempt to save those potential superpeople from an evil older omega, Toyo Harada and the equally evil "Harbinger" foundation. The series was created by former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter (the man responsible for Secret Wars and Spider-Man's black costume) and featured early work by creator David Lapham, who went on to produce cult crime comic Stray Bullets.


Paramount's movie version is still in early planning stages: No writer has been attached to the project yet, and it's not known exactly which studio will be "officially" pushing the project, either; it may be an MTV production, making it possible for the tagline "From the company that brought you Blades of Glory and the ill-fated Aeon Flux movie" to be used in trailers. [Variety]

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@extracrispy: Haha, yeah I don't think anyone is that attached to the canon of Valiant comics. Hey P.W.S. Anderson, why don't you go make Solar, everyone will be happy.