X-Files veteran plans show that sounds exactly like the X-Files

Long-time X-Files writer James Wong has a new show in the works titled Occult, about a crazy FBI agent who teams up with another FBI agent to investigate supernatural mysteries. It may sound a little familiar, admittedly, but there are a few differences.

The male FBI agent, played by Josh Lucas, will be returning from administrative leave after the death of his wife. And the female FBI agent, who will be played by Lynn Collins, doesn't sound like a specialist, and she joins up with Lucas to investigate cases (or "files," if you will) in a new occult crimes task force.


One major difference: The A&E show will be co-produced by Michael Bay. So unless X-Files had an episode where an alien pissed on special guest star John Turturro, I imagine we'll have to wait for Occult's sweeps week's episodes to see that sublime pleasure.

[Via Deadline]

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